Hair Gain Therapy

AK Clinics has treated over 10000 patients suffering from various kind of hair loss problems. The doctors had been researching about the best possible treatment especially in the case of Male & female androgenetic alopecia. They understand that patient are very skeptical of surgical & medicine therapies as hair loss. So they have devised an indigenous methodology - ‘Hair-Gain Therapy’ that has given very effective results in thinning & even new hair growth with minimal medicines. Though the only way to treat complete baldness is Hair Transplant but great results can be achieved with method. This technique uses only the power of healing within the human body so it much safer than any homeopathic treatment or Ayurvedic treatment of hair loss. Our Six step methodology has helped many hair loss sufferers

Hair Gain Therapy

Hair Analysis
Hair Analysis is almost the backbone of this new revolutionary treatment of hair loss. We are able to find out the exact density, caliber & quality of the hair in different areas. The special camera allows for close examination upto 50X magnification. This test also gives us a better idea about the scalp condition so that any underlying problem can also be identified and treated. This helps us gauge the improvement in the patient during the course of the therapy.


We’ve been experimenting for over 7 years for the most optimum methodology for the treatment of hair loss. This PRP Therapy (PRP Hair Treatment) in conjunction with the other non-invasive procedures help patients get excellent results. PRP or Platelet-rich plasma (Abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets that contains several growth factors. AK Clinics’ doctors have mastered the right method for generating the growth factors (PRP) with safety & efficacy and use them at the right level & instrumentation. So it is not about what to do but how to do that makes us different.


This is the first step of the therapy in which includes simple cleaning and disinfection treatment on the scalp. Any foreign particles present are cleaned with the help of oxygen spray pen that can generate saline spray by the airflow generated by the machine.

Med Atomizer

Laser Phototherapy
This gives us a uniform spray of hair growth medicines into the hair follicles after cleaning of the scalp. This is very important as the treatment needs to ensure that the medicine is properly sprayed all over the treatment area. This also ensure that the medicine is not sprayed anywhere else.

Massage Comb

massage comb
There are Red light and Electrodes on the massager machine. The red light generated through a special filter increases cell metabolism and the micro-current generated by the electrodes accelerate the opening of vessels on the scalp.

Laser Phototherapy

Laser Phototherapy
Low-powered (cold) lasers generate laser light which are known to provide light energy to all the hair roots which accelerates the growth of hair. The laser light is known as LLLT or Low-Level Laser Therapy. LLLT is many a time included under a wider definition of ‘Phototherapy’ which is known as Low-Level Light Therapy.
    Merits of LLLT
  • The progression of loss of hair is stopped
  • Augments the supply of blood to the scalp
  • Accelerates the hair follicles
  • Increases the elasticity and strength of hair

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