Hair Transplant Cost in India

One of the most common question asked by patients before undergoing hair transplant surgeryis - “How much does a hair transplant surgery cost?”.No matter what type of procedure you are getting done, you have to remember that there will be a price tag attached to it and most medical procedures tend to be expensive. Most of the times, people have this notion that a hair transplant procedure will burn a hole in their pocket, but it is important to remember that good quality, experience and a high level of professionalism will demand money.However, at AK Clinics, the final cost of hair transplantation will depend solely on what kind of procedure & surgeon you are going for. when you come to AK Clinics for a hair transplant, we will offer you a procedure that is minimally invasive and our team will ensure that you have the most natural looking results, with the least amount of discomfort. We will be using instruments and equipment that is state of the art and our team knows how to utilise it in the best possible manner. When you add all these together you will realise that what you pay will actually be a great investment for yourself!

In General, the cost of hair restoration procedure in India ranges from INR 45,000 to INR 4,50,000 and is based on various factors like surgeon's expertise, location of the surgery, number of grafts, and technique used, etc. There are various other finer factors like hygiene, quality of instruments, comfort, and pain management. The patient should expect some higher charges with clinics that maintain everything as per international standards – the main reason is that they incur higher costs.

With the advancement of technology, hair transplants are more accessible and affordable, but most of the patients are reluctant to go for hair transplant surgery because of less knowledge of the procedure and its cost.India offers cost-effective options as compared to other countries.

Apart from the cost of surgery, blood tests before the surgery and the medications required after the surgery are also chargeable. It is important to be aware of the fraudulent practices that are increasing with the fast-growing market and only go to a clinic after inquiring about the reviews and results.

Per Graft Hair Transplant Cost in India

The grades of baldness and the number of Grafts required to cover baldness are two main factors that influencing the price of hair transplant. Following are the approximate cost range for different standard clinics for hair transplant. The cost of hair transplant procedure is determined on a “per graft” or “per follicle” basis and the number is dependent on individual’s bald area, clinic, surgeon’s experience and expectation from the hair transplant. That is the reason it is no realistic to provide an exact estimate. Instead, we encourage patients to share their hair loss pictures and schedule a free online consultation with our doctors.

Number of Grafts Cost on Lower Side Cost on Higher Side No of Sittings
800-1000 grafts INR 45,000 INR 1,00,000 1 Sitting
1000 – 2000 grafts INR 75,000 INR 2,00,000 1 Sitting
2000 – 3000 grafts INR 125,000 INR 350,500 1-2 Sittings
3000 – 4000 grafts INR 1,75,000 INR 4,50,000 1 – 2 sittings

Disclaimer: The above mentioned price is only for reference, every patient is given a custom quote depending on the choice of surgeon, location and technique. There is Service Tax/GST applicable on the cosmetic surgeries in India.

Graft & Cost Calculator

Get a brief idea about how much the hair transplant should cost you as per your baldness grade. You must contact us for exact quote.

Graft Estimation for Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness can range from minor recession of hairline in grade 1 to extensive baldness in grade 7. The requirement of the grafts and thus, the cost of the surgery will depend on the grade of baldness and number of sittings.

Grade Grafts required (Minimum) Grafts required (Maximum) Technique suggested
Nil Nil Hair transplant is not recommended and some medicines can be used to promote hair growth
800 1200 Hairline reconstruction by FUE
2000 2500 FUT/FUE for hairline + PRP/ LLLT for crown
3000 4000 HT by desirable technique + BHT. Medical therapy is mandatory to preserve the pre-existing hair. PRP and LLLT can be done.
4000 6000 Surgery can be done over 2 sessions with FUE or FUT or BHT
5000 8000 Giga sessions done over 2 sittings with FUE or combination of FUE and FUT
6000 more 2-3 sittings may be needed. Artificial hair restoration should be explored.

(This is just a rough idea. The exact number will depend upon the physical examination, hair analysis and patient’s expectation.)

Graft estimation for Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is different from male pattern and requires more expertise. Most of the females are not comfortable with the idea of shaving their head so the surgery is more time consuming and difficult. So one should expect about 20% - 25% higher cost compared to men.

Grade Grafts required (Minimum) Grafts required (Maximum) Technique suggested
I 1000 1200 1 session FUE/ Non-shaven FUE
II 1500 2000 1-2 sessions FUE
III 2500 3000 2-3 sessions FUE

FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant Cost

Both FUE & FUT hair transplant cost is almost similar but only the clinics which are highly experienced & have a good stable team offer FUT as this requires more trained manpower and only good surgeon can perform. In India most of the patient undergo FUE hair transplant but patients with higher grade of baldness can go far FUT.

We at AK Clinics have an experienced doctors who master in both the procedure and deliver best results to their patients. Come and consult with our doctors in any of our clinic located in Delhi, Ludhiana or Bangalore, If you are planning for an hair transplant. They will do a hair a hair analysis test and gave to clear estimation about graft requirement and the cost of surgery.

Factors affecting the cost of Hair Transplant

The cost will depend on various factors such as:

  • Clinic Location: The clinics that are situated in metro cities and offer easy access to airports & other easily transport methods may cost a little more.
  • Clinic Reputation: The reputation of hair transplant clinic comes with higher degree of standards. So, such clinics do command premium over the other to offer the same to the patient.
  • Surgeon’s Expertise & Qualification: A national/ International board-certified surgeon may charge more. For the simple reason that travelling worldwide to bring the best practices & latest improvements costs a clinic much higher.
  • Grafts/ follicles Requirement: The chart has been given to depict the same.
  • Technique Used DHT (Direct hair transplantation), FUE (Follicular Unit excision) , BHT ( Body hair transplantation) or FUT ( Strip surgery) all have different methods and effort, hence the cost.
  • Grafts extracted from the beard or other body site may be charged more than the ones extracted from the scalp.

How AK Clinics Doctors evaluate the Cost of Hair Transplant

We provide the best hair transplant services at AK Clinics depending on the requirement and expectation of the patient in the following way:

  • Hair analysis is done to estimate the total number of grafts that can be taken out.
  • Detailed consultation is done with the doctor to evaluate the total number of grafts according to the patient’s need and expectations.
  • Once the total number of grafts are decided, then the final cost is calculated depending on the total number of grafts.
  • The cost per graft depends on the operating surgeon’s expertise and the technique that will be most suitable in that case.
  • Also, the grafts extracted from the body are charged more than the grafts from the scalp.

Why get Your Hair Transplant done at AK Clinics?

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider getting the transplant done at AK Clinics:

  • A team of high trained and experienced professionals
  • An equally trained and dedicated team of support staff
  • Customised transplant plans, which are followed with care
  • Proper pre and post-operative care
  • A promise of good results and natural looking hair

Getting a proper head of hair is often all that a lot of people need to get their confidence in themselves back and at AK Clinics, we will do just that for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of platelet-rich plasma therapy depends mainly on the method of preparation. It can vary between the range of 8,000 INR and 15,000 INR. The cost of the treatment also depends on whether it is done on the face or scalp. At AK Clinics, we have a cryocentrifuge in which we use a double-spin method to get you the best PRP yield.
The cost of body hair transplant is calculated as cost per graft. The cost per graft is comparatively more than any other method of scalp hair transplantation. The cost of body hair tansplantation ranges from 80,000 INR to 1,15,000 INR.
The cost of revision hair transplant is more or less same as the cost that you will have to pay while getting your first transplant done. It totally depends on the total number of grafts that are needed, the technique and the cost per graft. If you are going for a smaller number of grafts, then some clinics might have a lower range irrespective of the total grafts being taken. It can range from anything between 60,000 INR to 90,000 INR.
The cost of second sitting hair transplant is calculated in the same way as that of the first sitting and depends on the total number of grafts, graft type and technique of hair transplantation. For detailed information of how the cost is calculated, Click Here
Generally, there is misnomer that higher the number of grafts better will be the results. But the fact is, if a surgeon is good, he can save the cost as well as the grafts by using lesser number of grafts due his experience. Further a patient must explore the running offers including zero percent finance, thereby reducing cost.
In India, the general cost of the hair transplant is much lesser than other countries. But one should bear in mind to compare the cost of cheapest clinic outside with the best surgeon in India. This way you will be find there is not much cost difference. You should always compare best with best.
Hair Transplant is cosmetic procedure and not covered by medical or health insurance.
AK Clinics offers 0% finance in most of the procedures. You can contact us to get more info.
Many clinics deploy loads of cost cutting techniques to increase profits and lower down the cost:
  • They do not follow guidelines from Medical Council & ISHRS for having only a qualified doctor do the incisions and extraction.
  • Also, they follow very poor sterilization techniques causing long term side effects.
  • They use low quality instruments to cut the costs; simple forceps used in implantation can cost anywhere between INR500 to INR8000 but the cheap one offers very low precision.
  • They do not know or keep record of any transection rate that may cause damage to the donor area.

It is important that that patient should not go looking at the lowest cost but a reasonable cost. You may use facilities like 0% finance on hair transplant to stagger the same rather using a low quality service

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Raj Jaswal

Raj Jaswal

I started facing hair loss at the age of 26 but it was not very noticeable. But at 29 the hair loss progressed very quickly and crown almost became empty. And further my hair line receded quickly. Now at the age of 31 I started looking very old. I tried many medicines like homeopathic etc etc but nothing seems to work. Then I started searching for my options and finally decided for a hair transplant.

Raj Jaswal

Vikalp Gaur

I can see good results post-transplant. Overall good. As suggested, I may go for further transplant for crown area. I am currently taking 6 months cyclical therapy again to stop hair fall. Then will take the decision accordingly. I can say I would prefer someone for A K Clinic. As it is giving person the way to live more happily..?

Raj Jaswal

Rahul Bhatia

"Had a hair transplant at AK Clinics under care of Dr KAPIL DUA. And after treatment it has been 3 month now and I have very much inproved growing hair. He is best surgeon ever seen and very experienced in this art. They also provided very good atmosphere while surgery. With his experience he gave very confident to his patients while surgery. (Hair Transplantation)

Raj Jaswal


"After talking to Dr Kapil I have decided to go for a hair transplant surgery which turned out to be very good. Total of 6000 grafts were transplanted. The density was medium density. The procedure was FUE without any scar. The procedure was by done both Dr Kapil and Dr Aman. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a FUE surgery in India."

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